Adelante Board of Directors

Adelante Healthcare is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, comprised of community partners and representatives who contribute to the mission to improve the health of our communities and in providing health care to the underserved, making it affordable to everyone and operating in an environmentally responsible manner.

We call this sustainable health care – and its power to heal is limitless

A board of directors and its individual members play an important role in the success of Adelante Healthcare. Board Members use their time, skills, connections, experience and leadership in making the organization function properly and at the highest level possible.

Adelante Healthcare’s Board of Directors addresses and is responsible, either directly or by appropriate professional delegation, for the operation and performance of the organization through participation on various board committees, through attendance at various healthcare events and by actively engaging in our monthly board and committee meetings.

The Adelante Healthcare Board is a Governing Board is responsible for:

  • Defining and evaluating the health center’s mission
  • Establishing and monitoring the health center’s policies and procedures
  • Safeguarding the health center’s assets
  • Selecting, evaluating and supporting the health center’s Chief Executive Officer (“CEO”)
  • Monitoring and evaluating its own performance, as well as that of the health center as a whole; and Plan for the health center’s long-range future