Sustainable Healthcare for All

We Believe in Contributing to a Healthier World

Sustainable health care is what drives Adelante Healthcare. As the guiding principle behind everything we do, it focuses on:

  • Sustaining your health
  • Sustaining the availability of health care for others in the community
  • Sustaining the health of our environment

Sustainable health care is about treating patients who come to us for assistance, and helping them stay healthy after they leave. Sustainable health care enhances the overall wellness of our communities by meeting the needs of those who need affordable health care. And, because we believe the environment around us should nurture, not harm, we’re committed to making our operations environmentally friendly in every possible way.

Sustaining Your Health

Our foremost concern is for your ongoing health. Adelante’s Healthcare’s highly skilled doctors and the wide array of services and programs we offer allow us to provide you with exceptional care. By advising you on how to live a healthier lifestyle–from diet to exercise to green living–we also empower you with the knowledge you need to safeguard your health today and sustain it for a lifetime. Learn more about how sustainable health care can be a part of your daily life.

Sustaining the Health of Your Community

Healthy families make for healthy communities. This is central to our belief in sustainable health care. Through education, events and other forms of outreach, Adelante Healthcare helps make the neighborhoods we serve healthy and strong.

When it comes to quality health care, we believe no one should go without. That’s why we make our services affordable even to those without adequate health care coverage. In addition to donations and government grants, our own patients help sustain the health of our communities simply by coming to Adelante Healthcare. When patients with a choice choose Adelante for their care, they allow us to continue to provide services to all members of the community.

Sustaining the Health of the Environment

A core value for all health care providers is to “do no harm.” We think this applies to more than just patients. At Adelante Healthcare, we’re taking measures to make our operations as environmentally friendly as possible. From responsible waste disposal to green-living outreach and education, we make every effort to keep the environment’s health among our top priorities.

Our NextGen Electronic Patient Records system allows us to document and store all patient information, virtually eliminating the need for paper records. Paper, ink cartridges and fluorescent lights are collected and recycled through our organization-wide recycling program. Most importantly, we pay strict adherence to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations when disposing of hazardous waste.

By taking a strong leadership role in the greening of health care in Arizona, Adelante Healthcare strives to set an example for other health care organizations. And by taking this message out into the communities we serve, we hope to increase our collective understanding of how a healthier environment directly translates to a healthier future for all of us.