Farmworker Health Program

Adelante’s Migrant Farmworker Health Program!

If you are a farmworker, you and your family may qualify to see a doctor for just $20 to $40 per visit.

Financial Help to Make Seeing a Doctor Affordable

Do you work with any of these?

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We Can Help Make Seeing the Doctor Less Expensive!

Adelante Heatlhcare’s sliding fee program is based on your income and is available if you or someone in your household works in one of the areas below.

You are also eligible if you have worked in agriculture in the past two years or if you are retired now but worked in agriculture when working.

It’s Easy to Apply

1. Call 1.877.809.5092 and tell the operator you want to a Farmworker Health Program screening appointment.

2. Come prepared and on time for your appointment. You must bring:

  • Proof of all household income for the last 30 days before the date of the appointment, PLUS
  • Valid identification for all family members–either a Driver’s License, Consulate Matriculate Card, Passport, or Birth Certificate, PLUS
  • Proof of current address, which may be a utility bill or piece of mail delivered by the US Post Office

3. You will know right away if you qualify and can set a doctor’s appointment right there.

Have a Question?

We can help.

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We look forward to serving you!