Coming Out to Your Doctor

Coming out to your provider is an important step to being healthy.

Many people are not aware that LGBTQ people face unique health risks, such as higher smoking rates, a greater risk of suicide attempts and a higher chance of getting certain sexually transmitted diseases.

Talking with your provider can help you overcome these issues and get the care you need most. Being open about your sexual orientation, sexual behavior and gender identity not only helps your provider, it helps you!

Reasons to come out:

  • Your provider can offer care that is personalized and relevant to you.
  • Your provider can offer referrals to specialists who are welcoming to LGBTQ people.
  • Healthcare is about the whole person. By being open with your provider, you allow them to provide you with comprehensive care that supports your mind, body, and spirit.

Frequently Asked Questions about LGBTQ

I don’t want anyone besides my provider to know that I’m gay/lesbian/bi/trans. Will this information be shared?

Your provider will keep conversations you have confidential. Your healthcare provider is bound by laws and policies to keep your information private.

What if my provider uses the wrong terms or pronouns when referring to me or my spouse/partner?

Providers may not always know what terms you prefer to use. Let them know how you describe yourself and your partner(s), and they should start to use those words.

What if I still don’t feel comfortable coming out to my current provider?

There are several ways to find a provider you connect with. To start, you can talk to friends or use the resources in this brochure. Finding a provider you are comfortable with is essential to your all-around health and wellness.